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Free VPN vs Paid VPN.

The VPN is a tool that usually masks your IP address. After you open your browser in your computer, a temporary IP address is usually assigned to your computer. This address usually holds the details of your location or where you are accessing the internet from. Therefore, the internet can send details of the country you are accessing the internet from to anyone that is interested in knowing it. With a VPN, then you can easily hide the details of the place from where you are accessing the internet from. We have the free VPN and the paid VPN. All of them are usually effective in hiding your location. The free VPN is usually free, and you pay nothing to have your site location hidden to the companies that provide it. This type of service is good for those who visit the internet once or twice in a month and the main advantage is that it is free.

However, the free VPN is always not so good, especially for those who want to completely hide their locations. If you are regular internet visitor, you must have received the annoying click here or check it out! notification in your websites that can even cover your site until you click or leave the sites. When suing the free VPN, you usually don’t know the company operating the free VPN and thus your details can easily be sold to a third party. That is the only way free VPN suppliers can make money. If you don’t want to have your data sold, then the best option is by use of the paid VPN. Companies that supply this type of network are very many. These companies even offer free trials that you can sue to test the network. The main advantage of using the paid VPN is that your data cannot be sold to anyone. The network supplier cannot sell or give you data to anyone without your permission.

If you are in a country that doesn’t allow certain content to be displayed in your country, then through the paid VPN, you can access every content without your connection being closed. There are not annoying notifications at all and you can conduct your business on the internet with much piece. depending on the sites that you visit on the internet and how regular you visit it, then you can make a choice on the type of VPN you require. If you are good with the free VPN, then you can use it. However, the free VPN is usually very slow and unreliable. This is because there are very many people that sue the free VPN and the server receives more requests that it can handle making it slow. The paid VPN is always good for businesses that use the internet so much. Your data is always hidden and you can trust them on that.

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