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Long-Term Effects of Living in a Technological World

Do you love using the technologies in your current life? If yes, chances are you will love them in the distant future as well. But there needs to be boundaries. What are these? Read on to find out.

You probably love your microwave to warm up your pre-cooked meals, dishwasher to clean up your dishes, washing machine to do your laundry and so on. In the outside environment you love your partly auto-driven car. At the office you are probably accustomed to your PC and laptop with the mighty reign of internet and network and digital tools to enhance your work and projects. You probably cannot imagine your life without them.

What could be the long-term effects of these? Simply you get reliable and dependent on these and accustom yourself to the more modern versions of them. As a result, you get to exercise your brain less, become less independent and become rather lazy.

It is all the machines and technologies doing all the work for you and you have less work to do in a way. On the other hand, keeping them tidy, maintaining and managing them in workable condition become your additional burden. But if you are happy with this option, you are good to go.

In case you are unhappy, get rid of them and start working manually. But I guess you wouldn’t like it either. It is best to go for the earlier option and fall into pace with the modern era.

As for keeping your brain sharp and not becoming obese due to less work, you need to exercise. For instance, jog or just walk at a fast pace in Mother Nature as an option. If going to the gym impresses you, you can go for it and do workouts.

On the other hand, you can get engaged in one or two hobbies that speak to you. For instance, gardening, hiking, stamp/coin collecting, knitting and taking music lessons are a few options from which you can choose.

Another great option to make the most of your time is to journal your thoughts, insights and lessons of life. Keep it with you and when an idea strikes you, write it down. You can revise from time to time what stuff you have noted down and this promotes self-growth.

While machines and technologies do most of the work for you, what I have been talking about to keep you busy helps you to remain human. You too need not become a robot. This is the boundary I meant at the beginning of this article.

Other stuff that helps you to remain human is to spend time with your spouse/family in Mother Nature, watch a movie together at the theater or play in a park. You also need to keep your cars and home clean and tidy which you can put off until the weekend. Although this can be partly done with machines for instance, vacuum cleaners, there are other areas that will need manual work.

Summing up, machines and technologies can only do so much – yet there will always be choices to make every day to keep you busy and productive and simultaneously keep your family and community happy by helping them out and loving them infinitely. These, in fact, are some of the vital factors that will still keep you human no matter how many technologies exist out there.

Germany and Its Technological

Germany has been internationally recognised for its inventors and innovations over the past few centuries. From producing writers such as Goethe to rival England’s Shakespeare, artists, poets, philosophers and composers to inventors and scientists such as Hans Geiger, Rudolf Diesel, Johannes Gutenberg, Albert Einstein and Karl Benz, the Germans have been consistently leaving their mark on the ever-developing field of creations and technology. At German universities particular emphasis is placed on the sciences and research and development facilities.

This continues to the present day, with the country displaying its technological prowess in everyday situations like travelling on a high-speed intercity train, going to the supermarket and returning your bottles to machines for extra money or withdrawing money in a bank complete with television screens and 24 hour access to ATMs in a foyer. Germans are particularly fond of their high quality, environmentally friendly cars such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes. In Würzburg, the city in Bavaria where I’m staying for a year, there seems to be an unusually high number of phone shops selling tariffs and handsets. In a city of 130,000 I counted 12 phone shops in the very centre of town. They are all very hi-tech and futuristic-looking in order to entice the average consumer.

As a British student, living in Germany for a year as a casual observer brings to view just how important embracing technology is for the Germans. Take any German taxi and it will be a Mercedes. Land at any German airport and you will see sponsorship of technological innovations by companies such as BMW in Munich Airport. Even the German trains at the cheaper end of the scale are efficient and modern. Germans have been using bendy buses since the end of the 1970s.

They seem to have escaped the stereotype of still living in the 1980s, complete with awful perms, bad fashion sense and terrible music. German teenagers are very similar to British teenagers, both being influenced by American music and television. With new technologies being introduced to Germany, there is a call for new German verbs to also be created, but I doubt that the literary giant Goethe would approve of ‘facebooken’ (to Facebook) or ‘downloaden’ (to download). I’d like to sum this up by pointing out that I’m living in the richer South of Germany, but I have travelled quite extensively across the country and technology is more a part of daily life than can be said for Britain. Certainly, there is no central hub for the best services like the core region of South East England. A fairly even distribution of large towns and cities across Germany means that all regions are well connected and the spread of technology and the lifestyle it brings is all across Germany.

Happiness in a Technological World

Technology has moved us into a whole new world. We can know and do things that we never dreamed possible in the past. It also demands that we evolve with it. Major discoveries often make our current abilities obsolete and so it is with the world of technology. A developed intuition enables us to sift through this unprecedented amount of information and make choices to create the lives we want.

Once we discovered how to make matches, the skill to start fires by rubbing sticks together was no longer needed. After the invention of hand-held calculators, it was no longer necessary to memorize our multiplication tables. With the advent of the Internet we can access libraries of information without even leaving our homes.

Things are moving faster and faster, and we are required to make immediate decisions on more and more issues. There is less and less time for analysis. In this new world, how do we make informed decisions? What new abilities do we need to develop?

Life gets harder and harder every day for the ordinary person. This causes stress, and the stress continues to mount. The nervous system becomes overwhelmed. Affecting our perception, causing us to make mistakes. Mistakes bring more stress, and our life moves into a downward cycle. If we are doctors, nurses, pharmacists or pilots, our mistakes can cost lives. For most of us, our mistakes are less critical, but they still affect the quality of our lives.

What can be done about it? When we choose a lifestyle that focuses our attention on releasing the stress that builds up in the nervous system on a daily basis, the system becomes stronger. This strong nervous system provides clarity in perception, which helps us to achieve our goals. Achieving our goals makes us even stronger, and we begin to create an upwards spiral in our ability to create better lives for ourselves.

A developed intuition is crucial in order to function in a high-tech world. We can now get more information in a split second that we can ever use. It is more important than ever to be able to determine the value of the information we receive, and know if that information will be helpful to us. The intellect alone is not very effective in this high tech world. However, we can choose to develop our intuitive abilities, which allows us to make immediate decisions that are always in our best interest. Intuitively we can know. The intellect can only think or use reason and logic, which is much too slow for the new world where we find ourselves.

What is important? Recently I read an article about several people who were now billionaires many times over. They were young and had made an enormous amount of money as a result of technology.

However, the article said they were all severely depressed and could find no meaning to life. If you could be granted one request for your life, what would you ask for? Most of us would probably ask for happiness. When it comes down to it, the pursuit of happiness is one of the strongest drives we have as human beings. Have we been looking in the wrong direction for our happiness?

The technology we now enjoy is a major evolutionary step for us as a society. Technology seems to exist outside ourselves. It represents an outwards direction- pointing to a world beyond ourselves, a place where we seem to focus most of our attention. We have gained outer success, but what about what is more important within us.

Technology and everything in the outer world is only a means for us to use in our growth. It is the inner development that makes life really worthwhile. The self-actualized person functions well in the outer world because he knows both the inner and the outer worlds. Understanding how they relate to each other, he recognizes what is important. He has conquered fear, which allows him to feel peaceful, whole and complete regardless of what appears to be happening in the outer world. He knows that either world can be changed from within himself.

The soft stuff- high touch- is actually where the power lies. We usually think of high touch as our relationship to other people- the ones that help us to keep from getting lost among all of the machines and mechanical routines in our lives. High touch most importantly refers to our relationship with ourselves.

Importance of Technical Translation Services in the Technological

Services for technical translations are connected with services for personal document translations, since they both require translation of the pertinent documents. However, in the translation of personal documents, various legal papers are involved such as marriage contacts, birth certificates, death certificates, divorce papers etc while in the technical translations, the documents which are to be translated include machine instructions, technical write-ups, laboratory experiments etc. Translation of the technical documents or papers is extremely crucial in information interchange and knowledge dispersion in the scientific communities present all across the globe.

The technical documents or papers are generally translated into some other languages to help individuals in a specific industry understand how a system, machine, experiment or software works. Technical document translations result in an accurate interpretation of various scientific methodologies, machine instructions and laboratory experiments. Reaching an apt interpretation and understanding of how various things are performed and done is highly appreciated in the field of manufacturing. The reason why such perfect interpretations are valued so much is because of the fact that even a single simple inaccurate translation can spell a huge disaster to a well-performing and well-established system of machines.

In fact incorrect technical translations could even pose great threat to human lives, especially to people who perform various experiments using complex equipments and machinery. Because of the misinterpretation of several instructions, they may bump into a disastrous accident which could further cause them to lose their hands, feet, fingers and even their life. So, perfect and accurate translations of the complex methodologies and instructions are extremely critical to protect the well being and lives of workers. And this is the main reason why services for technical translations are so important.

Because of such a huge need for precision, specific details and accuracy in the translation of technical works, mostly the translators who are hired for performing this critical job are backed by a good technical background related to the field of science, engineering, medicine, computer science etc. Such a background enables these translators to appropriately translate the all sorts of technical documents written in one language to another without spoiling the exact meaning of the sentence. While using the technical terms and jargon in the target language, they make sure that the sentence construction and grammar use is correct. In short, translation services for technical documents hold great importance in the technological world. And thus, if your business needs technical translation services, do not hesitate to spend in them. You can very easily look for a reliable translation service provider after a little research.