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First off, the word blog is the shortened “web log.” Most of the time, this is maintained by a person or sometimes a group of people who consistently deliver entries of topics, More »

Technology: A Love Story

We all are sub consciously governed by parallel philosophies which lies beneath our all actions and inactions, and philosophies when shared form the collective conscious of a society. Like an Artist who More »

Understanding Technology News

Are you interested in knowing the recent developments that are taking place around you? Do you feel that every individual needs to realize the importance of keeping themselves updated with the global More »

Steps to Success in Teaching With Technology

Teaching is changing. Are you? Two generations and only six decades later, their grandson the student received twenty years of formal English and French education, from dozens of specialized educators on three More »

Virtual Reality Technology

To say that virtual reality technology has finally arrived would not quite be correct, but it is closer than ever. Let’s take a look at this new and developing advancement in our More »

Virtual Reality Technology

To say that virtual reality technology has finally arrived would not quite be correct, but it is closer than ever. Let’s take a look at this new and developing advancement in our lives.

Virtual reality technology has taken our fantasies and is trying to make them real-or at least, as real as a computer can simulate. That you can stand (or sit) in your own living room and take a virtual tour of ancient Rome, or have your golf swing analyzed is just short of a technological miracle.

Today’s scientists are working on developing the most realistic 3D simulated worlds they can, using virtual reality technology. Computers, combined with special interfacing peripherals, are capable of simulating any environment written into its programs.

Basically, the requirements for such a simulated environment require that the computer and its peripherals be able to project a 3D world that looks at real as possible to the user. It is also necessary that the programs be able to track the user’s movements, using that information to adjust the environment accordingly, to give the user a sense of total immersion into his virtual

Technological World Should Be Using

There are quite a many digital tools out there available in the digital world. Among these I recommend everyone should be using five digital tools which they cannot escape. What are they? Read on to find out.

Among everyone I mean grandparents, great grandparents, truck driver, waitress, inn keeper and all other laypeople included.

Here goes:

1) Viber: Cell phones should have the free tool installed. Then you can use the cell phone number on any digital device such as laptop, iPAD, TAB and others, provided Viber is also installed on these devices. It is meant for making free phone calls where there is also the option of video chatting.

2) Gmail: You should access this email client via internet on your cell phone and other digital devices. This is a free tool as well. You should sign up for this service and start sending out formal or cordial emails as you wish. Along with Viber, which is actually used for making phone calls, you can use Gmail for sending out emails to people with whom you think you can better communicate by using this tool.

3) Google Search: This is

Happiness in a Technological World

Technology has moved us into a whole new world. We can know and do things that we never dreamed possible in the past. It also demands that we evolve with it. Major discoveries often make our current abilities obsolete and so it is with the world of technology. A developed intuition enables us to sift through this unprecedented amount of information and make choices to create the lives we want.

Once we discovered how to make matches, the skill to start fires by rubbing sticks together was no longer needed. After the invention of hand-held calculators, it was no longer necessary to memorize our multiplication tables. With the advent of the Internet we can access libraries of information without even leaving our homes.

Things are moving faster and faster, and we are required to make immediate decisions on more and more issues. There is less and less time for analysis. In this new world, how do we make informed decisions? What new abilities do we need to develop?

Life gets harder and harder every day for the ordinary person.

Tech News From Technology Blogs

First off, the word blog is the shortened “web log.” Most of the time, this is maintained by a person or sometimes a group of people who consistently deliver entries of topics, events, comments and other things about a particular theme or subject. Now a technology blog is actually the same; it is a website that sends out news, commentaries, stories, events, and anything that has something to do with technology. Most of the time, it discusses breakthroughs, new inventions, upgrades, and advances on the world of technology.

A lot of entities have gone into Technology blogging or tech blogging for short. Probably the reason being information technology is all about new and progressive technology, hence, off with the traditional way of disseminating news and information and utilize technology itself as the mode of delivering advances and pertinent news in the information technology world. In this case, the ideal channel would be the internet. There is a huge number of tech blogs and they cater to specific information technology topic.

o Electronista – the latest gadgets for the information technology standard nerds
o Switched – want to hear the newest thing in layman technology? This is

Technology: A Love Story

We all are sub consciously governed by parallel philosophies which lies beneath our all actions and inactions, and philosophies when shared form the collective conscious of a society. Like an Artist who through his Art mocks the society, challenges its conventions and invents a whole new thought process, a technologist is also no different from him. Technology is mere a reflection of an inventor’s personal philosophical beliefs. To interpret the allegory of technological world, I dig down deep in the minds of three great men who embarked on a journey to change the world and set the foundations of Modern technology as we see today.

On 6 June 1884, a young Yugoslavian scientist named ‘Nikola Tesla’ landed on the shores of America with little besides a letter of recommendation from Charles Batchelor, a former employer. In the letter of recommendation to Thomas Edison, Batchelor wrote, ‘I know two great men and you are one of them; the other is this young man’. Batchelor was right, Tesla was not just as great but much more intelligent than Edison. He superseded Edison in faculty and ability to decipher the most complex problems. There was one more thing where

Understanding Technology News

Are you interested in knowing the recent developments that are taking place around you? Do you feel that every individual needs to realize the importance of keeping themselves updated with the global events? If yes, then surely you understand the importance of news in the contemporary world. News can be defined as information that affects a large number of people and is of utmost importance. News is disseminated to inform people about the different events that are taking place around their neighboring areas. News can range from entertainment, politics to science and technology. It can also be classified as per to the region. Events that are of local importance take the shape of local news and facts that consider foreign relations comprise of as international news.

Technology News is referred to as updated information that is concerned with the advancements achieved in the field of technology. Individuals around the world are highly dependent on technology. They are attracted with the beauty and charm of modern appliances in their day to day living. Be it laptops to smart phones, the contribution and use of technology is prevalent at every stage in our lives. With such popularity and reliance

Steps to Success in Teaching With Technology

Teaching is changing. Are you?

Two generations and only six decades later, their grandson the student received twenty years of formal English and French education, from dozens of specialized educators on three continents. Today, their grandson the teacher has many new resources, but the challenges continue. I have one class of ten-to eleven-year-olds, access to educational assistants, consultants, administrators, seminars for personal growth, and technological education tools to deliver information to my students in our small town of Penetanguishene, Ontario, from anywhere in the world.

Why is teaching still a challenge? Children are still children, with all the challenges of yesteryear – discipline, attentiveness, self-esteem, peer and parent pressure, and homework. Another significant challenge is that students today reside in a big global village, with big global problems. In this new world, information arrives at lightning speed from all corners of the earth. This high-speed digital highway influences most aspects of their society. Financial services, health care, the military, government services, and transportation are a few examples of where high-speed data collection, storage, and processing have forever changed the way we do business.

This technological tidal wave has now arrived at today’s schoolhouse, revolutionizing how

The Innovative Information Technology

The fast paced technological world has globalised the world into one compact unit as you just need to click around and access the whole wide world. There sure is no doubt that we are moving forward at a very high speed and the advanced internet and computer applications have helped to ease our workload.

Computer’s have become a way of life for us as we simply can’t do with it. IT helps you in your online grocery shopping and booking a holiday package as it is ready to shoulder all your burdens and get your jobs done in a fast processed ways with its innovative applications.

Our lives and our business rely on the survival of IT and communication which is done through internet and emails and it has also made it easy for us to communicate around the world and get our work processed within a short time.

We should all try to know the basics of IT as this is the way of life that will help us to step forward with a positive attitude and take the world by storm. IT training is an important aspect of our education in this advanced

iPad Is the Best in the Technological World of Computers

Tablet computers are not a new phenomenon since they have been in existence for about 20 years. They recorded very low sales until Apple hit the market with the iPad in April 2010. The iPad became popular within a short time thereby turning tablet computers into a key product category. This might have been attributed to its close resemblance to Apple’s iPhone which had already gained popularity. The two products ran on the same operating system.

These types of computers are crucial when it comes to electronic simplicity. They are very convenient in terms of portability, with a few in-built controls and save for flat touch screen interface; tablet computers are beautiful and user-friendly.

Competition ensued not long after iPad hit the market; before then, Google had launched an open-source operating system for smart phones known as Android which made it easy for the upgrade of tablet computers. This came in the wake of Apple having upgraded the iPad’s iOS operating system. The first version intended for use was Android 3.0 operating system which was also dubbed “Honeycomb” and Motorola released the first Android tablet named Xoom in February 2011.

Android tablets, just like the

Latest in the Technology World

As dial ups have been replaced by broadband connections, a lot of dealers are competing with each other to provide maximum facilities at minimum rates to the users. By making use of an efficient broadband connection, one can enjoy varied features, such as latest online videos, data download and games. With broadband connections, you can surf the web conveniently and quickly.

Various internet speed packages are available in home broadband suiting different requirements of people. There are unlimited plans packages available for the users who need to download a lot. These plans cater the needs without being too expensive. People who do not use internet that much, only for checking the inbox or may be for looking for information at times, can opt for limited usage plans.

Availability of different plans in home connections makes the users to enjoy internet surfing while saving money at the same time. Different packages require the users to sign a contract for different time periods. In case users discontinue the plan, they have to pay penalty fees. So make sure that you choose the broadband that serves you well so you do have to change it in between the contract.

Finding Love in Today’s Technological

The idea of finding someone to connect with perfectly is a bit of a scary thought. The world is full of so many people with a variety of personalities, a reality that is both encouraging and overwhelming at the same time.

The amount of people that individuals meet everyday means that there is a higher chance that they will meet someone compatible, but that is not a guarantee due to the diversity of the world’s population. For people who tend to keep to themselves, the prospect of finding someone that they click with perfectly is even more intimidating and difficult.

The traditional settings where people go to seek out romance are actually the furthest thing from romantic. Clubs and bars attract large groups of people dressed in their best, but the usual blaring music and flow of alcohol does not exactly facilitate people getting to know one another on a very deep level. Many people do not even like stepping foot in these establishments, preferring the calm and quiet of their own home, making it that much harder to meet someone and try and work towards a real relationship.

Luckily, the internet has emerged as

Marketing Tricks That Still Work in Today’s Technological World

Although it’s important to continuously evolve your marketing techniques so that they are in line with today’s trends, don’t forget to continue to incorporate some of the more tried and true cash flow marketing techniques in your 2011 advertising plans. Here are five marketing tricks that will never go out of style…

Hand-Written Notes

Acknowledging that a potential customer is a person, and not just another potential sale is a crucial technique used to market your cash flow company that many salespeople forget in this technology-driven world. Sure, blasting out generalized tweets can help market your cash flow company, but imagine how much more effective a hand-written note with a tailored message would be. In the age of electronic automation, a handwritten thank-you note makes a huge impression on a potential customer because it’s out of the ordinary. In your marketing techniques don’t be afraid to add a personal touch to your efforts. When done right, the ROI is always much more worthwhile.

Provide Incentives for Referrals

As a cash flow consultant who undoubtedly participates in various factoring referral programs, I’m sure that you understand how motivating it can be to know that there’s

Communicating with Your Sweetie in a Technological World

With so many options in communication technology today, there are now many creative and fun ways to keep in touch with your sweetie. The key is to be sure to use these in a positive relationship-building way rather than in a way that makes your honey feel like a chore or another business contact.

We are so busy these days that often, especially, in two-income families one is coming while the other is going. Regularly communicating is crucial to maintaining a happy and fulfilled relationship, but the bills have to be paid, too. So, here are a few tips to keep in mind when using technology to keep in touch:

1. Use terms of endearment that you would normally use in conversation. This will signal to your sweetie that you are thinking of them the way you do when you are together, rather than as the dry cleaning pick-up person, grocery-store runner, or kids’ babysitter.

2. Complete your thoughts with each other the way you would if you were together. Do not allow other distractions- like call waiting on your cell phone- to interrupt and force you to abruptly end your conversation. Your boss, friend,

Long-Term Effects of Living in a Technological World

Do you love using the technologies in your current life? If yes, chances are you will love them in the distant future as well. But there needs to be boundaries. What are these? Read on to find out.

You probably love your microwave to warm up your pre-cooked meals, dishwasher to clean up your dishes, washing machine to do your laundry and so on. In the outside environment you love your partly auto-driven car. At the office you are probably accustomed to your PC and laptop with the mighty reign of internet and network and digital tools to enhance your work and projects. You probably cannot imagine your life without them.

What could be the long-term effects of these? Simply you get reliable and dependent on these and accustom yourself to the more modern versions of them. As a result, you get to exercise your brain less, become less independent and become rather lazy.

It is all the machines and technologies doing all the work for you and you have less work to do in a way. On the other hand, keeping them tidy, maintaining and managing them in workable condition become your additional burden.

Germany and Its Technological

Germany has been internationally recognised for its inventors and innovations over the past few centuries. From producing writers such as Goethe to rival England’s Shakespeare, artists, poets, philosophers and composers to inventors and scientists such as Hans Geiger, Rudolf Diesel, Johannes Gutenberg, Albert Einstein and Karl Benz, the Germans have been consistently leaving their mark on the ever-developing field of creations and technology. At German universities particular emphasis is placed on the sciences and research and development facilities.

This continues to the present day, with the country displaying its technological prowess in everyday situations like travelling on a high-speed intercity train, going to the supermarket and returning your bottles to machines for extra money or withdrawing money in a bank complete with television screens and 24 hour access to ATMs in a foyer. Germans are particularly fond of their high quality, environmentally friendly cars such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes. In Würzburg, the city in Bavaria where I’m staying for a year, there seems to be an unusually high number of phone shops selling tariffs and handsets. In a city of 130,000 I counted 12 phone shops in the very centre of town. They are all very

Importance of Technical Translation Services in the Technological

Services for technical translations are connected with services for personal document translations, since they both require translation of the pertinent documents. However, in the translation of personal documents, various legal papers are involved such as marriage contacts, birth certificates, death certificates, divorce papers etc while in the technical translations, the documents which are to be translated include machine instructions, technical write-ups, laboratory experiments etc. Translation of the technical documents or papers is extremely crucial in information interchange and knowledge dispersion in the scientific communities present all across the globe.

The technical documents or papers are generally translated into some other languages to help individuals in a specific industry understand how a system, machine, experiment or software works. Technical document translations result in an accurate interpretation of various scientific methodologies, machine instructions and laboratory experiments. Reaching an apt interpretation and understanding of how various things are performed and done is highly appreciated in the field of manufacturing. The reason why such perfect interpretations are valued so much is because of the fact that even a single simple inaccurate translation can spell a huge disaster to a well-performing and well-established system of machines.

In fact incorrect technical translations

Join the Technology World

There have been many things said about the new Apple iPad; it’s the new big thing in the technology world. The must have of the teen world as well as the professional world. The problem is at this time in our lives we cannot afford to spend $500 dollars on “the next best thing”. Well, Apple is willing to give you the chance to own your own brand new iPad without breaking your bank account.

Apple wants you, the consumer, to test out a brand new iPad and send them your feedback. As a thank you for your time and effort to improve this technology breakthrough, Apple will let you keep your new iPad without asking for a dime in return. In short, you test it, you use it, you give your opinions, and then it’s yours for life.

Sounds like a wonderful idea. Almost too good to be true right? Well we are here to tell you that sometimes things this good can be true. There are many ads and “pop ups” screaming at you that they will give you “this great new product” and it always turns out to be a scammers way of

Keep Your Sanity Clear in Our Technological World

In one of the families I worked with lately, the father, a very successful director has been working about 18 hours a day and was abroad once a month, leaving the mother alone to cope with their two babies. After two stressful years the company he worked for collapsed. He was subsequently depressed and kept asking himself whether it had been worthwhile being away from the family, and investing all this time and these efforts in work.

In general, most of the large companies we encounter in the market today can’t avoid falling into the common trap of an unbalanced chasing after ‘achievement’ and ‘progress’. This is because of market instability and competition that harm the quality of lives of adults and children. We are all in the same boat. The organizational way of thinking and organizational climate is of major importance to us as most of us work in these companies. Sometimes these companies offer company shares (options), luxuries and even special kindergartens for kids inside the company’s campus, but make no mistake! By undertaking these actions they actually bring about alienation between the members of the family. Another negative byproduct is that they place a

Maintaining Balance in a Technological

In the modern age of texts, tweets, and status updates, it is of utmost importance that parents maintain open lines of face-to-face, soul-to-soul communication with their children. This does not mean resisting a highly technological world that is not going away, but rather continually exploring new ways to connect with one another both on and beyond the keyboard. The new technology in and of itself is not detrimental to children and can be quite useful to them in many ways, but it must be coupled with daily opportunities for personal reflection, creative inspiration, and heart connection with others. It becomes the parents’ role to both monitor technological use as their children’s sole means of communication and to provide the space and encouragement for life-affirming communication and choices.

Today’s children often become immersed in a world of technology and friendships that may seem quite foreign to parents. The more attuned parents are to their children’s interests other than technology, the better able they are to utilize those interests as opportunities for expanded connection. Parents can view all interests as possible pathways to enhance real life interactions. Parents must observe closely what truly brings their children joy, where they

What’s Next for the Technological

In one year, a lot has taken place in the technological world. We were all swept off our feet by the enhanced features of smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, and other astounding innovations. And then came the most awaited flagship device of Apple, the iPhone 5s and 5c. It possessed remarkable attributes which are to be expected from Apple especially when it ranks highest on the subject about smartphone features. Its great rival Samsung would not miss out on anything which is why it launched its very own Galaxy S4 before Apple had.

Right after was the launch of the realization of wearable tech through Samsung’s Galaxy Gear and Qualcomm’s Toq. They are still under pressure as this will be the first time for the two tech giants to deliver to the world what they are capable of in terms of wearable technology. Right now, Samsung has made it possible for its Galaxy Gear to be suitable with a number of smartphone platforms. If we wait a little bit more, it’s quite possible Samsung will bring us the smartwatch we’ve all been expecting.

The concept of flexible technology that has been dreamt about for centuries is now